Ladder 6 Stairs Parthians

Ladder 6 Stairs Parthians

Folding aluminum ladder. 6 stairs of portian, including folding and home ladders, which can easily be placed in a small place like the corner of the wardrobe or storage room. This feature makes it easy for the consumer to manage the limits of space available at home or at work. The unique beauty and lightness of the Parthian ladder distinguish it from similar products and its color foam is a special advantage of this ladder. The 6-pillar ladder is one of the tools that provides users with access to high-rise buildings. This ladder is a fairly wide range of steps that prevents users from imbalance and protects them when used. This product is similar to the other similar products, such as the Lady Lady, the 5-ply silver model of the 102 model, which is therefore easily transported by all members of the family. It is noteworthy that the portier aluminum ladder is a product of Iran, which is produced in different types of 3, 4, 5 and 6 steps.

The dimensions of the ladder are 6 steps of the Parthians

Parttian ladder is closed at 199 cm long and 57 cm wide. This product also needs 125 cm of opening space. The Parthian ladder is equipped with six rectangular steps of varying dimensions. The first step is 39.5 cm long and 13.5 cm wide and wider than the other stairs. The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth stairs are respectively 36.5 * 13.5, 33.5 * 13.5, 30.5 * 13.5, 27.5 * 13.5 and 24.5 * 13.5 cm respectively. The height of the 6-foot ladder is 187 cm in use, and the sixth step is 150 cm from the ground.

The structure and technical characteristics of the 6th ladder ladder

Aluminum: The profile of this ladder is standard with aluminum alloy 6063, and also has a high resistance due to the hardening of the new equipment and new equipment. Covering the aluminum profile of the ladder by anodizing method, this method has high resistance to abrasion, sun protection and moisture and also increases the stiffness of the profile than other coating methods.

Foam: Lady Lady is proud of being the first company to use colored foam in the ladder industry, and it should be noted that at the moment, Atron Arta Caspian is the only manufacturer of stained-glass stairs in its products.

Foam characteristics: Various and beautiful colors, abrasion and impact resistance, sun resistance, tensile strength

Rivets: The rivets used in the partition ladder fittings are made of two types of hammer and rivet rivets.

Hammer Rivet: The alloy used in this type of AISI 1004 rivets is used because of high resistance in sensitive industries such as aircraft and automotive, and Atron, Arta Caspian, also has 1004 Rivet for its special attention to the quality of its products. AISI uses.

Nailing rivets: There are various rivets and rivets in which the choice of rivet rivets in industrial production is of great importance because the use of suitable rivets in terms of diameter, length, and alloy elements in the shear and tensile strength of rivet rivets has a significant role. .

Other Benefits of 6 Stairs Ladders

Equipping this product with suitable plastic coverings, while ensuring user safety, can be used at various levels. Ultimately, one of the most important benefits of a folding ladder is the weight of this product, which is about 150kg

General Specifications
product Name Parttian Ladder 6 Aluminum Staircase Model 103
Manufacturer AtroArteh Caspian
Made In Iran
Ladder Type One Way
Warranty One Year
Technical Specifications
Dimensions in collapsed state
Dimensions in open mode
Floor steps
The height of the last step 150
Color Silver (blue-orange)
Tolerable weight 150 KG
Number of steps 6
material Aluminium
connections Steel flange
Ladder weight 5.5 KG