Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use of the website:

Welcome to atronarteh Caspian website, all persons who are registered directly or indirectly with guests, and representatives who use the products of the atronarteh website of caspian, must fully accept the following.

Change Terms of Use:

The content, products, prices, or discounts (in the event of changes in the price of the raw materials) of this website, and the terms and conditions of purchase and representation may change at any time without notice to users.

If, after sending, the goods have a defect or defect that may have occurred at the time of sending, the atronarteh Caspian is accepting the return fee and reposing the goods at your service.

Legal ownership:

All material and moral rights of this website and its contents, including copyright, are reserved to us. None of our products are copied from domestic sources and entirely produced in isolation. Due to the fact that the products of atronarteh Caspian are manufactured specifically, their copying involves legalization.

Goods delivery regulations:

All products of atronarteh Caspian are checked and tested before sending for defect. This guarantee is valid only if it is imported into the goods during the shipping fault. If after 48 hours, do not report the fault, check back. The goods are forgiven.

After sales service of atronarteh Caspian products?

All products that are damaged and damaged during and during the transportation process are refunded at the expense of the company and a healthy product is returned to the buyer, but if the damage and damage is in the case of improper use by the buyer, the cost of the item and the item Replacement is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Understanding of damage and damage through transportation or misuse is the responsibility of the company’s experts.

Individual privacy:

None of the information entered on this website (including emails, phone numbers and mobile phones, etc.) will not be published and will be fully protected by us. Some of your basic information, such as the IP address, will be collected by census services (including Google Webmasters and Google Analytics) that will only be used to increase the user’s satisfaction with this website.